Why You Should Count Calories!

For most of my training career , I got people to eat healthy and get leaner by following an eating approach, that was anti- calorie counting.

Here is the thing. I never really liked counting calories personally and I assumed many other didn’t either.

If I could make it, simpler, people were more likely to do it, I thought.

This worked for many people.

I advocated improving your food quality and you’ll most likely eat the right amount and reach your goals.

The big things I would advocate were

Eating protein based meals with real foods like chicken, beef, fish protein shakes, yogurt , cottage cheese etc

Eat more fruits and veggies.

Eat healthier and more natural versions of fats and carbohydrates, the ones that were not highly processed like potatos instead of breads and olive oil instead of fake fats like margarine.

Drink plenty water

Eliminate or reduce, most other foods.

Now, for most this way works and works well. The problem is right now,

It might not be something your even willing to do.

Also , you can still be overeating, even if its healthy foods, this can stop you from getting lean.

I wanted to give you 5 reason why counting calories, may be just what you need.

To me counting calories means

-Recording the foods you eat on tracker like my fitness pal.

-Doing your best to accurately measure and weigh most of your foods.

This isn’t something to do for ever, but maybe a month or so. To educate your self and become more aware.

Not everyone has to do this, but it’s smart for some situations . I’m going talk about this today.

  1. Your brand new to diets and eating healthy. There is a lot talk about eating intuitively. The issues is you don’t know, what you don’t know. I’ve been, eating healthy for most of my adult life. I can look at a plate of food and judge how many calories are on that plate better, than some one who hasn’t paid attention to food much in there life .

There lays the issue, often when people struggle to lose fat, there eating more than they think. This is why spending a brief time, counting and measuring food. Can be real eye opener for many and make it very clear, what you have been over doing.

For beginners focus on hitting a calorie goal of around 12 x your ideal body weight and hit body weight in grams of protein, is great place to start. Than try to fill the rest of the foods you eat with, healthy foods and foods, you enjoy.

2. You like eating junky food. For some people there just aren’t willing to eliminate all unhealthy foods.

That is perfectly okay. You’ll see a tremendous health benefits and be able to lose fat by eating mostly unprocessed foods and not overeating.

If your someone, like this , who always likes to include some junky food like, ice cream, candy, chips etc.

It best to always track calories, because your not going be just eat those things and expect to lose weight. There just too easy to over eat.

Like I said this okay. You can include some of those things, if you keep your calories and protein in check. You’ll still get really good results. With this style of eating, but there is always a give and take.

You want your chips, you have to sacrifice carbs or calories some where else. So maybe less carbs at dinner or lighter breakfast and/or lunch, so you can still have chips and not going over your calories, so you can still lose fat.

3. You’ve been eating super clean. So, this another situations that happens. You’ve been eating healthy. You eat a ton of clean food. You might of gotten some where, but maybe your stuck now.

But, you feel stuck. There is a myth that eating healthy is the same thing as easing for fat loss. Healthy is good but fat loss is always about eating less calories, than you take in.

Hence why tracking calories, might be a huge eye opener for you.

4. Direct way to fast fat loss. So, many people want fast results. But, the most direct way to lose fat is tracking calories diligently .

You can eat clean , you can eat keto or go low fat, but you can still get stuck, if your still eating too much.

Counting calories, is the best way ensure fat loss, if your in a rush.

Those are a few times,when counting calories is the thing that you may need. But, you don’t have to count to get results.

I had guy go from 300lbs to 180 without counting calories.

But, just because you don’t count calories to lose fat doesn’t mean that you didn’t lower calories, which caused the fat loss.

If your looking to get leaner, I offer free nutrition coaching with me personal training. Hit the contact button and schedule your free assessment and free workout today.

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