Weight loss mindset

Weight loss mindset

Summer is coming and I’m sure, you wouldn’t mind being a little leaner. Today I’m going to go over Weight loss mindset. The underrated aspect of weight and fat loss.

I actually had to work on some of these idea myself to reach my goal of being promoted to blue belt, last year.

Weight loss mindset

How we think and how we react when things go wrong. Is a major contributor to our success.

Weight loss mindset is important, our brain literally controls everything we do. So, if we don’t address this first. Most approaches will not be sustainable.

The first thing about mindsets, is shifting from an all-or-nothing approach to always something.

Often times when we, do something. We expect to do something in a certain way. And when we can’t!

Instead of doing less.

What do we do?

We end up doing nothing. So , if we have an all-or-nothing mindset. As we get older , things come up more and more. We end up doing, really nothing. This is a poor weight loss mindset.

We need to start learning to be ok, with doing less. Trust, me you’ll get leaner doing something everyday for 365 days a year.( Even if it is something small)

Than only doing something for 30-90 days a year,

A few examples.

  • If you mess up and have a muffin for breakfast, you can still have a healthier lunch.
  • If you miss your workout on Monday, workout for the rest of the week.
  • You are super busy, maybe just make sure you drink enough water and go for a little walk after dinner.

This , might seem small and insignificant, but over time it builds up. It will create results.

This is how results are produced and maintained. Consistent Action.

Anyone can do something for 30 days but, it’s the person who can do something for years, that we want to become. I’m sure you have been able to do something for 30 days before.

Which is why a sustainable approach to fitness and diet, is the #1 reason why people fail or succeed.


What we believe, is what happens most of the time .

If feel like you can not lose fat due to this or that. You probably wont. Despite, if you actually could.

We often develop believes, from what we expose our self to, our child hood, and past experiences

The issue is just because you believe in something.

Does it make it true?

I used to believe in Santa, but that never made it true.

If you feel like you can’t lose weight because of your age or genetics. Doesn’t mean it is true.

It is often important to test out your believes and really discover , how true they are. They might be true like you feel or maybe there a little off.

What are some of your believes ,that you have about fitness, diet etc?

You may or may not be right. But, the only way to know for sure is to.

Try prove your self right by going all in on a fitness program or diet, that is right for you. Than see what actually happens

If you don’t think you can get leaner. Go all in on sustainable program for 90 days and let’s see for sure. But, you have to go into it whole heartily. This is a way to test your weight loss mindset .

Growth Mindset

Growth mind means, that where you are right now, isn’t where you’ll always be.

Fixed mindset, is thinking you are, where you are and there is little you can do to control it.

Now, you might have growth mindset in one area and a fixed mindset in another, this common.

Say two people try lose fat.

They both slip up on day day 3 and hit McDonald.

But, they think through this set back very differently.

One says, “you know this diet thing isn’t for me. It’s my bad genes and I am over 40 now, “

While the other person says. “How could I make sure, that doesn’t happen tomorrow. They start brainstorming , maybe if I drink more water and have a good breakfast, I’ll be less tempt to stop at McDonald.”

So, than he tries that and he may or may not have some success with stopping for fast food.

But, who do you think will have more success overall?

Confidence/ Self Efficiency

This is something, that will make or break our success.

When you start a task, how confident are you that you’ll be able to succeed? This your self efficiency.

If it’s low, often times, we wont succeed.

This why people end up quitting after struggling time and time again.

But, the good thing. This isn’t static. Say, you scaled your self efficiency on losing 20lbs from 1-10.

When you first start, it might be an 8.

Than after a tough weekend it at 5.

Than a stressful time at work its 2.

The thing about this is, once we start building a high self efficiency , we are motivated and action becomes easier.

You may have notice, the things your naturally good at, you like to do more. The things you stink at, you don’t like.

But, How do we get from a lower self efficiency to something, higher, that will lead to more success?

You have to vote?

Think of all your action as votes, to become more confident or less confident in achieving your goals.

Everything, is a vote to one of them. The more you vote in one area, the more that becomes who you are.

So, the best way to build this self efficiency or confidences. Is to start small and do all these small things, that are all votes in the direction you want to go.

This works because subconsciousness, when you start doing more and more stuff, that pushs you towards your goals. You start to building confidence and a deep believe in yourself. Because, you have proven to yourself, by having your action align with your goals.

But, other way is true to, the more you vote against your goals, the less you will believe it will ever happen.

This is why, it is important to do something, everyday towards one of your big goals. But, the action it self doesn’t have to be big. As long, as it is a vote towards, who you want to be.

But, if we start with things that are too hard or big. And you are unable to follow through with them. This will destroy your confidence. Sadly, this is what most do.

Another thing, I think is important to mention, if your goal is fat loss.

Is not judge your entire success on the scale,

The scale is fickle, it goes up and down.

A raise doesn’t always, mean you gained fat. Most of the time it is water weight change from stress, carbs or salt you eat(carbs or salt make your muscle store more water) poor sleep or sometimes you’ll gain some water weight, the day after you lift.

If you are going to use it to measure progress, you should pay attention to the trends. In the last 2-4 weeks, is it overall going down. As well as pay attention to things like, how you feel, energy, clothes fitting and how we look.

Keep that in mind.

The mindset topics we went over are

  • All or nothing trap
  • Growth mind set or fixed mind set
  • Investigating your believes
  • Self confidence and self Efficiency

If you got this far, thanks you for reading. I really hope this will help you, work on the most important muscles in our body. The one between our ears. Once we strengthen that, great things will start to happen for you .

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