Do You Really Need Low Carbs To Lose Weight?

There is a current mindset that into order to lose weight, you have to cut out carbs.

This works great for some people and works very well because.

-You cut carbs,  so your reducing calories, that will help you lose weight. Just as if you cut out fats or proteins .

-You lose a lot of water weight because stored carbs hold more water.

-These people aren’t crazy about carbs in the first place.

But, for others low carbs can be problem  because.

-They like carbs a lot. Even when they can go low carbs, they will crave even worst carbs and sweets. All though , they might be able do it for a while, they will eventuality cave and go back to eating them in the worst way

-They are already really stressed in life and low carb is just another stress negatively effects there hormones.

-If you are trying to keep your muscle and strength. Low carbs may give you low energy for workouts and make it easy to lose your strength and muscle.

The Answer

Like most things in this industry that loves to go from one extreme to the next . The right answer is usually in the middle.

If your trying to lose fat you could benefit from

-Dropping carbs a little. Little being the key word.

-Also replacing your carbs with better versions.

-Like ones that are less processed, and make you feel more energetic, as well as have lot of nutrient in them.

-Eat starchy carbs mostly around your workouts

2 steps to do this

  1. Eat carbs high in the carb continuum . Think of scale 1-10. 1 being the worst carbs you can eat for your goals and 10 being the best crabs you can consume for your goals.

1 might be candy or muffin. And 10 might be sweet potatoes or some fruit.

Simple think about the carbs you had yesterday. Instead cutting them out out, go higher on carb continuum.

For instance say you had a muffin for breakfast yesterday , maybe today you have some toast and fruit.

You had a sub for lunch you might, have good quality wrap with less ingredients and lower calories.

This works great because

-You’ll absorb less calories from minimally processed carbs than processed version

-Better carbs will fill you up faster. Eating 500 calories of coao puffs are way easier than eating 500 calories of oatmeal.

-You ‘ll crave less sugar overall all because your giving your body the carbs it desires.

Simple do that for two weeks. If you notice results. You don’t have a carb problem, you have carb quality problem.

2. Now, if that doesn’t work don’t, go panicking you might just need to cut a little carbs, not all of them. Carbs are great to energize your workout, brain function and help you recover. Just cut a little bit out.

You can do this by eating smaller portions with each meal or

A great strategy is eat most of your starchy carbs like rice, potatoes, whole grains etc after your workouts. You’ll eat less of them and post workout is the best time to eat carbs, so they don’t get turned into fat to easily.

Say you workout tonight, when you get home and eat dinner. Have a good size serving of a minimally processed carbs.

The other meal focus on lean protein , healthy fats vegetables an d fruit.

That is how you eat carbs and lean out, all at the same time.

Sample carb continuum To Work Off of

table sugar, candy, syrups

muffins , cakes, cookies, pies, chips, cracker, ice cream

processed granola, breakfast or protein bars , cereal ,

white bread, tortilla, wraps rolls, pasta

less processed bread or lower calorie

fruits, whole grains, sweet potato, potato, rice , oatmeal

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