You Can’t Our Work A Bad Diet, But You Can Do This…….

We all know that if we don’t well, any goals are almost impossible from fat loss, muscle gaining and performance.

Check out this video, always liked it for hitting this point home.

You can’t out train a bad diet.

But, you can influence what your body does with the food you eat by how you sleep and exercise/train.

You see this is the time for eating too much or the wrong things. Not that I’m saying go eat everything in sight.

But, if you’re going to anyway. Here are few things you can do, to make sure your body stores less for belly fat or more for building cool muscle and performance.


Here are 5 strategies to do just that.

Eat carbs at night.

You’re going to anyway at Christmas and holiday parties. Try your best to make as high quality as possible. Things like rice, potato, yams et,. on the days between these events, that you may enjoy a few drinks and some deserts you like. This will help, sleep better at night, too.


More or better sleep.

If you sleep better your hormones are going work better for you, which will make it easier to lose fat, have more energy and have more control over your eating. Focus on 7-9 hours of sleep. If you can’t, at least try get high quality sleep by doing a couple if these things to improve the quality.

-Get sunlight during the day

-Reduce screen time, especially the hour before bed.

-Write down everything that is stressing you out on sheet of paper before bed.

-Read, relax, laugh, stretch, mediate before you go to bed.

-Keep your room as dark as possible and cool to.


Lift weights.

This is the easiest way for you to help your body use most of the extra carbs, you may having into your muscles for recovery. After you train hard with resistance, if that is weights, or body weight. Your body is going want suck any carbs in you blood into your muscle, instead of turning them into body fat.



This another great way to get your body to suck up the carbs in your blood stream and use them as fuel for this intense workout too. Just don’t overdo it, 1-3 of these a week is plenty.


Lift slow

A great way to deplete and burn through carbs in your blood to fuel your strength workout is, to increase your tempo. which will increase your work. Say each reps of squat takes 1 sec down and 1 sec up. Instead you could do 4 sec down and come up fats or even do 4sec up too. If you really want to, pause. You could lower for 4 sec pause 2 sec hold and lift for 4 sec. Try it , it will completely changes the exercise. This also great if you have no weight or have light weights. You’ll make a 20lbs feel like 50lbs.


There you go 5 ways to influence how your body will use some of those extra calories your consuming.


I want to leave you with a few bonus tips I think is important.

-Eat slower by putting your utensil down in-between bites. We will get fuller faster, enjoy your food more and eat less.

– It the holidays enjoy it, don’t stress about nutrition or workouts. These things are supposed add value not distract value.

-At the same time, the only way we get result sis to be consistent. Make time in some way to move your body in some way and eat better. Just because you’re going to a holiday party tonight doesn’t mean you can’t have green smoothie this am or have a salad with your lunch. Stop the all or nothing.


If you’re interested and having me help with your fat loss and muscle gaining goals. I have 6-week challenge that is starting Jan 8th. I’m taking 20 people 10 weight loss and 10 for muscle gaining. They will sell out quick. First come, first serve. If your down be sure to sign up.

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