Tips To Stay Stronger, Leaner And Fitter This Holiday Season

I put together a seminar that I’m turning into a 10 part FB Live video series, on how stay strong, leaner and fitter, even through the holidays.

Without being super restrictive and having your relatives look at weird because you wont have a Christmas cookie


All or nothing

Video 1 Mind set, it all starts here, change this thought process, it will change your body and maybe your life


Simple And Easier Nutrition

Video 2 When things are crazy in our lives, don’t make it more complicate and stricter make it easier. Here’s why



Tip 3 Do intense exercise before the big day.

Tip 4 Simple nutrition 


Tip 5 Fasting 

Tip 6 carbs cycling

Tip 7 excuses

Tip 8 Enjoy



Keep coming back for the other 8 videos. If you haven’t check out my nutrition coaching program check it out

Check them out here.

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