Online personal training

Custom designed workouts based on goals, limitations and where you will work out

Delivered via an the train heroic app

weekly check in and program monitoring to keep the results coming

Unlimited e-mail access, ask as many question as you would like

Access to our nutrition coaching ( see below)


$175/month with bye weekly 1 on 1 phone calls with me

Discounts for 3,6, and 12 month paid in full

5 10 15% off

Small Group Personalized Training And Custom Workouts

Coached workouts by and instructed by me Bobby

Personalized for your goals, limitation and fitness level

Access to our online support groups

Access to our training app and off day workouts

Nutrition guidelines, recipe, meal ideas guides

Access to me to answer all your fitness and nutrition questions

2x week $120/month

3x week $180/month

unlimited session week $225/month 

Discounts for 3,6, and 12 month paid in full

5 10 15% off

Nutrition Coaching Program And Fat Loss Program

-We teach you how to eat for your goals, preferences, limitations and your life

-Daily Accountability

-Daily habits to work on to get you towards your goals

-Daily lesson to support your habits, and help you understand why there are important for your goals

-Bye weekly weigh ins

-Weekly check ins

Free with membership (online or in person)

$75 without