Team Training And Small Group Strength training(2-10 people in a group)

Unlimited weekly visits – 299/month

  • 2-3 Coached metabolic session to burn calories and burn fat or 2-3 Coached Strength session designed build muscle, get strong and build a strong metabolism
  • Online support Group
  • Monthly 1 on 1 assessment to keep track of your goals
  • At home workout guide.
  • Simple nutrition plan that works.
  • 2x wk 149/mth
  • 3x wk 199/mth
  • 4x wk 249/mth


Semi private training

1 private session a week is $299/month

2 private session a week is $399/month

  • Customized workout designed for you
  • Get coached through these programs designed for you.
  • Get 3 team training session(Cardio like sessions)
  • Nutrition Assessment
  • Custom nutrition based on your life and where you’re at.
  • Online support group
  • Weekly Accountability



Nutrition Coaching programs

  • Basic(Available to all members )
  • Weight and measurements monthly
  • Look at your nutrition and give you monthly habits to work on
  • Custom nutrition $39 add on or free with semi-private training
  • Advanced Nutrition assessment
  • We will give you habits to work based on your assessment and what works for you right now. and give you the results you desire.
  • Weight and measure every two weeks
  • Weekly text to make sure you’re on track.
  • Weekly check in to hold you accountable